Training Services

Training Services


Asia Masters Center for training and management development provide many services to individuals and companies in Malaysia and East Asian countries, These include: training programs (training of trainers) and the services of preparing training packages of various types, Asia Masters Center is focusing on taking care of the trainers and providing the following services:

Individual Services

1- Training preparation programs, in various training fields.

2- Preparing training bags, which includes helping trainers in the preparation of training packages according to professional standards adopted in the global centers.

3- Providing ready training packages, which includes providing many different ready training packages which is accredited in global training centers such as packages in the field of thinking skills, and management packages that related to management and leadership, Increase production and efficiency courses, Increase sales performance courses.

Companies Services

Asia Masters Center provide services that include various training services, consulting training services, business development for the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf, Asia Masters Center enjoys extensive experience in domestic and global market. Asia Masters Center works on the development of training solutions to customers and the development of trade relations between the companies to achieve the objectives of the manufacturers, the ultimate beneficiary , and the center knowledgeable and knowledge of the market and its needs, and to provide training consultancy, and training services for trainers to enable trainees to benefit from the training offered solutions. In summarized, Asia Masters Center deliver the following services:

1- Prepare and ensuring Arabs trainers, and nominate them for the appropriate courses.

2- Preparation and adoption the training packages and educational materials.

3- Writing and designing educational materials.

4- Consulting services in the training field.

5- Various services, to provide training resources.

6- Analysis of training requirements and prepare training plans Services.

7- Provide training materials and writing services.

8- Business development in training services filed.