Skills of Senior Executive Responsible and Leaders Offices Management

Skills of Senior Executive Responsible and Leaders Offices Management


Date & Location: (15-19/Jan) Casablanca – ( 23-27/July) Istanbul

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Course Overview


The Senior Secretary holds a key position of influence and a powerful partnership with the senior management team. Success in this role has a direct effect on the success of executive operations. The Senior Secretary who understands the role and pressures of management and even thinks like the team will achieve improved performance, outstanding results and respect from superiors and the executive team.


Program Objectives:

  • Creating opportunities for your personal development and accepting the challenges when they arise
  • Managing yourself, your subordinates, your colleagues and your boss more effectively
  • Developing the competence & managerial aspects of your role
  • Improving your confidence, assertiveness and communication skills
  • Managing the stress and pressure in an increasingly challenging environment
  • Understanding your own and others personality & its effect on behaviour
  • Make better and more effective decisions


Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone involved in the operational supervision of an office environment
  • Secretaries and administrative support personnel needing to develop superior performance in their working environment
  • Senior Personal Assistants
  • Senior Secretaries


Program Outline:


Defining and Developing the Role

  • The Executive PA – your vital partnership with management
  • Defining the responsibilities and authority of your role – Biases & prejudice
  • Identifying ways of broadening your role and creating opportunities to increase your responsibilities
  • Developing the managerial aspects of your role – essential management skills
  • Planning for development – identifying and overcoming barriers to your success
  • Understanding your own and others personality & subsequent behaviour
  • Team Exercise


Effective Communication

  • Interacting with others and networking for success – getting yourself seen and heard
  • Developing and advancing your relationship with your manager/director
  • Improving your communication skills – negotiating, influencing, persuading and delegating
  • Individual, Team & Group exercise on Consensus


Developing Confidence

  • Trusting your initiative and judgment
  • Saying “no” constructively
  • Problem Solving & Decision making tools
  • Team roles and interaction with others
  • Video Presentation Skills
  • Individual & Team Exercise Tantrix & Colour Blind


Developing and Improving Key Skills

  • Improving your confidence and assertiveness
  • Practicing effective time management skills
  • Concentrating, thinking, listening and making decisions under pressure
  • Conflict Management
  • Improving your memory
  • Video Conflict Management
  • Team Exercise & Leadership Practice Building – Tower Exercise


Getting Results

  • Benefiting from key motivation techniques – motivating yourself, your subordinates and your boss
  • Achieving results through others
  • Managing stress and pressure that comes with change and challenge
  • Measuring your performance based on objectives, standards, responsibilities set and achieved
  • Preparing for your development
  • Action planning
  • Group Exercise