Managerial and Behavioral Skills for Office Managers & Secretaries

Managerial and Behavioral Skills for Office Managers  & Secretaries


Date & Location: (19-23/Feb) Kuala Lumpur – (24-28/Dec) Jakarta

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Course Overview


This course provides insights, which are:

  • Learn how to choose positive results And eliminate negatives
  • Communication techniques
  • Organize your time and work
  • Commitments more effectively
  • Break through barriers by understanding where they come from and how to overcome them



Program Objectives:

  • Have a series of skills which will enhance productivity.
  • Have more positive attitude towards increased responsibility.
  • It would act as a refresher to all the organizing skills, which were left behind during the daily firefighting activities.
  • To be able to define effective communication and the best way to manage the office.


Who Should Attend?

Administrators, assistant administrators and secretaries. Also, those with the potential of becoming administrators.


Program Outline:

Day 1

  • Office Management
  • Desk Management

Day 2

  • Managing the Telephone
  • Managing Your Email
  • Managing Meetings

Day 3

  • Delegation Skills
  • Communication Barriers

Day 4

  • Positive Attitude
  • Technology & Modern Office Management

Day 5

  • Effective Time Management
  • The Planning Process
  • Emotional Intelligence