Letter of Credit

Baggage Shipping information


Date & Location: (08-12/Jan) Amman – ( 09-13/Mar) Istanbul – ( 15-19/Oct) Kuala Lumpur

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Course Overview


This training is designed to give participants an overview and an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the operations of the Letter of Credit and International Trade financing. This seminar aims to provide both the practical and theoretical aspects of the latest and the most effective ways of handling Letter of Credit, its applications, and fraud prevention.



Program Objectives:

  • Apply the technical aspects of shipping infectious substances by air
  • Review the current Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines based on the latest IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
  • Use our step-by step workbook with the current Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines publication
  • Promote safe and efficient handling practices in the workplace
  • Facilitate shipments by ensuring compliance


Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for:

Shipping personnel, freight forwarder, banker, trader, importer/exporter, businessman, and those keen in upgrading their knowledge in international trade.


Program Outline:

  • Day 1 – Introduction of Letter of Credit
    What is a ‘Letter of Credit’?
  • What are some common payment terms used in international trade?
  • Why are ‘Letters of Credit’ used?
  • How are ‘Letters of Credit’ issued?
  • How does a ‘Letter of Credit’ work with commercial transaction relating to Domestic and International trade?
  • Who are the different parties to the ‘Letter of Credit’?


Day 2. Incoterms: Its Rules and Applications
* Incoterms 2000
* Meaning of EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR, and CIF
* How to use the terms to your advantage
* Responsibilities of buyer and seller
* Meaning of title and transfer of risk
* Its customs of trade

Day 3. The Fundamental of International Trade Financing
* Finance for exporter & importer
* Factors for financing
* Types of payments
* Export Credit Insurance
* International Export factoring
* Trust Receipt and Discounting Bill

Day  4. The Elements of Letter of Credit
* Operation of Letter of Credit
* Rules cpncerning the application of L/C
* Methods of overcoming discrepancies
* Effective methods of checking L/C
* Understanding UCP 600
* How to do financing in Back-to-back LC

Day  5. Understanding International Fraud and Prevention
* Understanding of LC fraud
* Characteristics of LC fraud
* Methods of LC fraud
* Malpractices and weakness in shipping practices
* How to prevent fraud