Introduction to E-Commerce: options, technologies and business impacts

Introduction to E-Commerce: options, technologies and business impacts


Date & Location: (15-19/Jan) Kuala Lumpur – ( 10-14/Dec)  Amman

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Course Overview


In this diploma course, the participant will attempt to understand the phenomena, both managerial and technological dimensions of E-Commerce, and how organizations successfully conduct Internet-based activities. This training provides an overview of E-Commerce both from technological and managerial perspectives. It introduces E-Commerce frameworks, and technological foundations; and examines basic concepts such as strategic formulation for E-Commerce enterprises. This program is designed to familiarize participant with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies using the Internet.


Program Objectives:

This training program is a comprehensive program in E-Commerce and digital business strategy. This program equips the participants to understand the nuances of E-Commerce & Internet based businesses and help them make appropriate business & marketing strategies using all forms of digital media.

Who Should Attend?

  • Students doing their Graduation/Post graduation in Management, Commerce, Technology, etc.
  • Working Executives/Managers in Marketing, Advertising, Media, and related domains.
  • Business owners, Professionals & Entrepreneurs looking to expand/start their business.



Program Outline:


  • Day 1-Understanding Electronic Commerce:

Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business; Evolution and trends in E-Commerce; Impacts of Electronic Commerce; Market forces driving E-Commerce

  • Day 2- E-Commerce business models and Strategy:

Types of E-Commerce; Strategic Analysis for E-Commerce; E-Commerce business models; Revenue models in E-Commerce; Mobile Commerce; e-Governance; Creating an right E-Commerce model and business strategies for any company.

  • Day 3- Technology Infrastructure for E-Commerce:

Building Website for E-Commerce; Electronic Data Interchange (EDI); Web technologies and hosting for E-Commerce site; Website design best practices; E-Commerce System Applications; Mobile Apps; Managing E-Commerce infrastructure.

  • Day 4- E-commerce Security Issues & Controls:

Understanding security issues in E-Commerce; Security and Control measures in E-Commerce: Cryptography based solutions, security protocols, VPN, Firewall, Digital signature, Digital certificate, Public Key Infrastructure(PKI); Legal issues; Risk Management Plan in E-Commerce.

  • Day 5- Electronic Payment Systems Infrastructure for E-Commerce:

Payment systems in E-Commerce; Electronic Fund Transfer; Digital currency; Electronic cash; Electronic Payment system and strategies for E-Commerce transactions