Designing & constructing purchase & stock database rules

 Designing & constructing purchase & stock database rules


Date: (8-12/Jan) (19-23/Mar) (17-21/Sep)

Location: Kuala Lumpur – Istanbul – London

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Course Overview


In this 5-day course you will be trained on measuring the stock database, designing and constructing the purchase functionality. You will also learn to design a scheme in such a way to minimize redundancy of data without losing any data in the database. Furthermore, this course will highlight the importance of database concepts and terminology and to understand its principle.


Program Objectives:

The aim of this course is to teach the participant how to analyze the stock database and to develop the ability to think laterally – the initial principles of designing and constructing purchase. It will also stretches on technical skills when measuring the stock database, and to be able to systematically forecast the stock database in purchasing and material management.


Who Should Attend?

This course will mainly benefit to purchasing managers, senior buyers, project managers, civil engineers, construction managers, contractors, sub-contractors, site engineers, senior management, and government agencies, architects, construction professionals, and anyone responsible for purchasing at a senior level who seeks to enhance their skills further.


Program Outline:

Day 1 – Construction Project Delay

This one-day course introduces the common causes, prevention and, in particular, how to manage pro-actively the consequences of project delays.  The course emphasises practical instruction and its real-world application. It is also a rare opportunity for you to learn about the mysterious world of Delay Analysis.


Day 2 – Operational Efficiency on Database Rules

This course will enable participant to learn how facilities operations may add value to the business, support the strategic aims and values of its organization and keep the organization legal and safe and are not an unnecessary overhead.


Day 3 – Advanced Areas of Purchasing Involvement and Skills

The course will covers on quality assurance and control, identifying the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Checklist, Shop Control, Samples, Certified Laboratory Standards, Reports Necessary, Developing a logistical checklist on transportation both domestic and international.


Day 4 – Purchasing Bottom-Line Contribution

The course will highlight on the classical definition and how it relates to construction, the involvement of Purchasing Team which includes: Public, Private, and both; benefits to project management through a purchasing team, primary responsibilities a buyer has to project management, segmentation of the materials plan, documentation necessary for effective purchasing control in manual & automated system.


Day 5 – Constructing the Purchase Construction Plan

The course will wrap up on why we need a purchasing plan for construction projects, designing of the purchasing plan, using a construction checklist approach, having an effective & efficient purchasing process, how to employ prime and sub-contractors in the workplan, and to establish the project timeline: people, equipment, materials, and transportation.