Air Mail & Postal Traffic

Air Mail & Postal Traffic


Date & Location: (12-16/Mar) Amman – ( 17-21/Sep) Istanbul – ( 10-14/Dec) Kuala Lumpur

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Course Overview


Course intended for personnel involved in over site responsibility for the handling of cargo and mail. It provides information on the purpose and intent of existing security measures, the implementation of appropriate security controls for cargo consignments, and the appropriate emergency response procedures in the event of a cargo security incident.


Program Objectives:

  • appreciate the origin and purpose of security measures and procedures necessary for the protection of cargo, courier/express parcels, mail and operators’ supplies;
  • understand the nature of the threat posed to aircraft by explosives and other dangerous substances;
  • understand concept of secure supply chain;
  • apply appropriate security controls to cargo consignments;
  • inspect, screen or search consignments in accordance with prescribed security principles;
  • ensure that all cargo facilities, vehicles, containers and equipment are subject to security control; and
  • apply proper response action to an airline security emergency related to suspect cargo.



Who Should Attend?

Nominees should work for the appropriate State authority responsible for aviation security, other regulatory authorities, airports, airlines, and/or other stakeholders that have an active role is maintaining air cargo and mail security. This course is also appropriate for national AVSEC instructors who are, or will be, responsible for training similar subject matter.


Program Outline:

Day 1 – The Cargo Industry: An Overview

  • The cargo industry and its stakeholders
  • Marketing and sales for cargo
  • Pricing and revenue management


Day 2 –  The Cargo Industry & Marketing Perspective

  • Cargo marketing analysts and managers
  • Sales managers
  • Cargo network analysts and managers
  • Revenue Management analysts and managers


Day 3 –  Pricing Strategies of Cargo Industry

  • Basic cargo rating principles and currency regulations: conversion rates, rounding off procedures and construction rates
  • Combining rates and charges, mixed consignments, declaration of the goods and Air Waybill completion
  • Identifying the needs of the shipper and the consignee for developing a reliable and affordable transportation system
  • Applying traditional and digital advertising techniques with an airfreight industry focus


Day 4 – Marketing Landscape of Cargo Value Chain

  • Conducting marketing audits of your own organization, the competition and your customers
  • Trade patterns & the macroeconomic environment, modal split, the air cargo value chain


Day 5 – Brand Value in Cargo Industry

  • Efficient market segmentation and SWOT analysis
  • Understanding brand value
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different distribution channels – understanding the role of intermediaries