Air Cargo Acceptance and Special cargo course

Air Cargo Acceptance and Special cargo course


Date & Location: (15-19/Jan) Amman – ( 14-18/Mar) Istanbul – ( 17-21/Dec) Kuala Lumpur

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Course Overview


This is a TRAINAIR Plus Standardised Training Package which provides cargo agents with the necessary knowledge and skills required to accept and handle cargo appropriately in an efficient and safe manner according to the TACT Rules and other regulatory manuals i.e. Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) and Live Animals Regulations (LAR).


Program Objectives:

  • Perform cargo acceptance
  • Perform cargo build-up
  • Complete export cargo documents
  • Perform cargo breakdown
  • Complete import cargo documents
  • Perform cargo delivery


Who Should Attend?

This course will mainly benefit to Airport Operations Managers, Station Managers, Baggage Handling Supervisors, and Airport Development Specialists.


Program Outline:

Day 1

  • Airside safety. The criteria of safety for aircraft handling operations
  • Work at height training (if local authorities require)
  • Loader, High Loader and Forklift training
  • Handling of Disabled passengers training (if local authorities require)
  • Fire protection and prevention training


Day 2

  • First Aid training (for Loader – shift leader) (if local authorities require)
  • Manual loading Training (if local authorities require)
  • Aviation Security training. Access to a security restricted area
  • Aviation Security. Baggage reconciliation training


Day 3

  • Airport driving license training; (according local airport training programme)
  • Cargo and baggage handler Functional training
  • Ramp safety in aircraft handling procedures
  • Safety instructions for operating motorized vehicles on the ramp
  • Safety during fueling/defueling of an aircraft
  • Adverse/severe weather conditions


Day 4

  • Aircraft arrival
  • Cargo hold doors operation
  • Aircraft structure
  • Loading/unloading principles
  • Loading restrictions based on the aircraft structure


Day 5

  • Container/Pallet (ULD) handling
  • Fastening of cargoes inside compartment
  • Special loads handling
  • Loading incompatibilities
  • Aircraft departure
  • Communication requirements