Advanced techniques of administrative investigations and disputes

Advanced techniques of administrative investigations and disputes


Date & Location: (19-23/Feb) Kuala Lumpur – ( 16-20/July) Istanbul

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course overview


From resolving labour grievances and employment-standard complaints to representing clients in the civil justice system and pursuing no-fault automobile insurance benefits, our well-rounded Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) graduate certificate program benefits employees wanting to be better conflict resolution facilitators, as well as agents representing parties in mediation and arbitration.

With a core curriculum spanning insurance law, labour law, family law, commercial law, system design and community mediation, the program uses intensive workshop training to teach the core principles of negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Applying these principles, participants learn to resolve disputes between individuals, businesses, insured and insurers, individuals and government agencies, and within families.


Program Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate will:

  • Complete all work in a manner consistent with professional ethics and practice, mediation process and skills, a respect for self, others, and relevant law and legislation.
  • Recognize and analyze conflict situations.
  • Select and apply appropriate conflict resolution and negotiation skills and techniques to enable parties to prevent and/or resolve conflicts.
  • Create and implement personal and professional development plans to achieve ongoing competence in the practice of mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution professional practice.
  • Analyze and produce documents required in the practice of mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, clients, and community to enhance professional working relationships.
  • Apply knowledge of specialized substantive and procedural laws as they relate to mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution.
  • Use management and administration skills in mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution practice.
  • Conduct interviews to gather, screen, and disseminate information required in mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution situations.
  • Explain the process, principles, techniques and significance of mediation and/or alternative dispute resolution and how they apply to family disputes.


Who Should Attend?

  • Those working in large or small organizations, government and commercial entities, or as entrepreneurs
  • Contract administrators, subcontractors, procurement managers, project managers, quality assurance personnel, and others looking to advance their career
  • Engineering, law, business, paralegal professionals and others wishing to enter this field


Program Outline:

Module I – Mastering Project Management


What is ADR? What are its purposes?

  • ADR under Nigerian Law
  • Approaches to Negotiation
  • Introduction to Mediation



Mediation skills

  • Advanced mediation skills
  • Introduction to Restorative Justice



  • Designing ADR and RJ systems in Middle East
  • Evaluating the Judiciary for ADR and RJ (elicitive, facilitated, discussion)


The Role of the Mediator,

  • The Mediation Process & Role of the Mediator.
  • Coming to an Agreement


Business Disputes

  • Settlement Issues in the Business Sector
  • Business and Personal Disputes
  • Conflict Management